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Pharmacy Information

There is NO on-campus pharmacy.  The Robbins Pharmacy, located at 2108 Pennington Rd, next to the 7-Eleven, is a one-mile walk from the Pennington Rd entrance to TCNJ.  Other pharmacies, such as CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid are less than a 2 mile drive from campus. Transportation to pharmacies is not provided by the College.  Students who do not have their own transportation are encouraged to use a service, such as Lyft or Uber

After Friday, November 16, 2018, Quick Chek Pharmacy will no longer provide delivery services to campus.  The pharmacies in select Quick Chek stores are closing in November, including the pharmacy on Pennington Rd.  The stores’ pharmacy records will be transferred to CVS and Quick Chek will notify patients of this arrangement. Patients can transfer their prescription with refills to another pharmacy  – simply call the pharmacy and request it.

Beginning Monday, November 19, 2018, students choosing to use The Robbins Pharmacy to fill prescriptions can request free delivery service, Monday through Friday, to the Student Health Services’ office during the fall and spring semesters when the College is open. The delivery time is at or about 3:30 p.m. Please note that Student Health Services closes at 4 p.m. Delivery directly to the student’s residence hall, or at the time of a student’s choosing, is not available. Students who would like to use their PRESCRIPTION INSURANCE BENEFITS must provide this information to The Robbins Pharmacy.  Otherwise they will pay full price for their prescription medicine.  As a courtesy, Student Health Services will fax this information to The Robbins Pharmacy at the student’s request. The student will then be responsible to call The Robbins Pharmacy with payment information (credit card or FSA card information) for any out-of-pocket costs not covered by their insurance. Prescription medicines must be prepaid to qualify for free delivery to Student Health Services.  Payment cannot be accepted on behalf of The Robbins Pharmacy by Student Health Services.

Students with prescriptions from their own healthcare provider can use this service as well.  Please call The Robbins Pharmacy directly at 609-882-2404 to make arrangements for prescription transfer.