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Office visits (In-Person and Telehealth/Telemed (virtual):

  • Office visits for illness and/or injury are free
  • Office visits for physicals, annual gyn exams and travel consultations have small charge (see Charge/Fee List below)
  • Payment is expected at the time of the office visit. Cash, TCNJ GetIt card, and Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards are accepted. We do not bill outside insurance; however, we do accept the TCNJ Student Health Insurance Plan. 

Laboratory Testing


Free Menstrual products: 

TCNJ Student Health Insurance Plan:

  • Patients who are enrolled in this Plan do not have out-of-pocket expenses for services provided in Student Health Services.
  • Exclusions: Purchases made for medicine, emergency contraceptive pills, pregnancy tests, and thermometers.

Price List (Updated April 2024)



Pre-Departure Travel Health Evaluation and clearance


$20 (does not include cost for recommended or required vaccinations or prescription medicine)

Periodic wellness visit (physical, annual GYN visit)


No-Show Fee for Missed Appointment


Ace Bandage


Air Cast for an ankle injury


Birth Control Pills

Tri LoSprintec



$10 per 30-day supply

Blood Glucose Test (fingerstick)


COVID At-Home Self Tests (antigen)
(available from the Student Health Services receptionist)

Free while supplies last

COVID test in the office




Ear Wax Removal


Emergency contraception
(available for purchase from the Student Health Services’ receptionist)

Free while supplies last

Rapid Flu Test


Rapid Mono Test (results in 15 minutes)


Rapid Pregnancy Test (results in 15 minutes)


Rapid Strep Test (results in 15 minutes)


Sling for arm injury


Splint (finger)


Splint (wrist)


STI Testing (includes chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, & HIV)

No charge

Surgical Shoe


Suture / Staple Removal


TB Skin Test (Mantoux test) Only available at TCNJ TB Test Clinics


(available for purchase from the Student Health Services’ receptionist)


Urinalysis Dip Test (results in 15 minutes)


Vaccinations – Routine & Travel

View vaccination pricing

(Prices subject to change)