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Pre-Entrance Health Requirements for Undergraduate Students

Start by opening the PRE-ENTRANCE HEALTH REQUIREMENT PACKET. The Packet contains instructions and health forms.

All students are subject to health requirements as a pre-requisite to attending classes at TCNJ and entering college housing (if applicable). These requirements are mandated by New Jersey state law and The College of New Jersey. Health requirements apply to students living on or off-campus, attending classes on campus or off-site, and regardless of how many classes are being taken. Students who are re-entering or re-admitted after an absence are required to update health requirements following the due dates established for new students. 

Information Regarding the COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement

  • All students are required to complete COVID-19 primary series vaccination, with the final dose of the primary series received by the due date and the record of vaccination uploaded to OWL
  • A primary series vaccination is defined as 2 doses of Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccine, or one dose of Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen (J&J/Janssen) vaccine.
  • Only students who have received the final dose of the primary series at least 14 days prior to arrival are permitted to be on campus or in classes unless they have an approved medical or religious exemption.
  • Students with an approved exemption to COVID vaccination are restricted from entering / living in campus housing.
  • It is important to start vaccination early. It can take up to 8 weeks to complete the primary series of COVID-19 2-dose vaccines.
  • Failure to comply with this requirement will result in deregistration from classes.
  • Full information about the COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement is available at

Due Date for completing Pre-Entrance Health Requirements, including COVID-19 vaccination:

  • Fall semester entering students: July 15
  • Winter session entering students: Dec 15
  • Spring semester entering students: Jan 15
  • Summer session entering students: May 20
  • Summer Scholars/EOF: June 9
  • RN to BSN Program Students: Classes held off-site are considered an extension of the TCNJ campus by the N.J. State Department of Health. You are subject to health requirements if you are a nonmatriculated (not yet accepted into a degree/certificate program) student taking 3 or more units (considered full-time) your first term OR you are a matriculated student (accepted into a degree/certificate program) regardless of number of units taken. Due Dates for completion of TCNJ health requirements are as follows:
    • Fall entering in a nonmatriculated full-time status or in a matriculating part of full-time status: September 5
    • Spring entering in a nonmatriculated full-time status or in a matriculating part of full-time status: February 8

Late Fines, Housing Holds, Registration Holds for Noncompliance

All first year and transfer students, including re-entering and re-admitted students, are expected to complete pre-entrance health requirements by the due date listed above.

  • Late Fines: Students who have not completed health requirements by the following dates will incur nonreversible late fines as follows:
    • Fall entering: AUGUST 10 ($50); OCTOBER 1 (additional $50)
    • Spring entering: MARCH 1 ($50)
  • Housing holds will be released as students complete health requirements. Students planning to live on campus cannot move into housing until all health requirements have been completed and Student Health Services has released their housing hold.
  • Registration holds: Students who have not completed health requirements by the due date will incur a registration hold which will prevents class registration. This hold will be released when the student completes health requirements.
  • Deregistration: Students who have not uploaded proof of COVID-19 vaccination or been approved for a medical or religious exemption by the start of the semester will be deregistered. 

The above applies unless Student Health Services has provided the student with an extension for completion of health requirements, such as when spacing between certain vaccines is necessary. Does not apply to COVID-19 vaccination.

Exemptions from Non-COVID-19 Vaccination Health Requirements

(Exemption information pertaining to the COVID-19 Vaccination requirement can be found at

  • Academic:
    • Students who have NOT been admitted to a TCNJ degree or certificate program (non-matriculated) AND are taking less than 3 course units/semester (part-time status). YOU MUST MEET BOTH CRITERIA TO QUALIFY FOR EXEMPTION!
    • If you are a provisional student, you are subject to TCNJ pre-entrance requirements.
    • This type of exemption does NOT apply to the COVID-19 vaccination requirement. All students are required to meet the COVID-19 vaccination requirement.
    • When a student no longer meets the exempt criteria, they become subject to TCNJ health requirements. This typically happens when a non-matriculated student taking less than than 3 course units/semester is formally accepted into a degree or certificate program at TCNJ and becomes subject to health requirements.
  • Medical:
    • Per N.J.A.C. 8:57-6.14, students are not required to have any vaccinations that are medically contraindicated based upon valid medical reasons as enumerated by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP). For current ACIP immunization schedules and recommendations, including contraindications, click HERE.
    • To apply for a medical exemption from a NON-COVID-19 required vaccination, your  healthcare provider must complete the REQUEST FOR MEDICAL EXEMPTION FROM MANDATORY IMMUNIZATION form.
    • Upload the completed form to OWL by the due date for pre-entrance health requirements. All other health requirements must be submitted prior to uploading this form.
    • The information on the form will assist our office in determining the validity of the exemption and whether it should be accepted or rejected. Supporting medical documentation may be requested by our office and/or by local or state public health authorities.
    • Laboratory test reports showing immunity to measles, mumps, rubella and varicella are acceptable in place of vaccination.
    • The student requesting the exemption will receive an email sent to their TCNJ email address informing them of the status of their request. If approved, the student will be exempted from the specific immunization permanently (in the case of a permanent medical condition) or temporarily until such time that the student’s medical condition permits vaccination. In the case of an approved exemption to measles, mumps, or varicella, students will be required to have immunity testing done if one valid dose of the vaccine was received and the exemption is applying to the second dose.
    • The College of New Jersey may temporarily exclude a student with a medical exemption from vaccination from classes and from participating in college-sponsored activities during a vaccine-preventable disease outbreak or threatened outbreak. The decision to exclude a student with a medical exemption will be made by the College in consultation with the New Jersey Commissioner of Health.
    • Note that medical exemptions apply to vaccination only and not to other health requirements or alternate laboratory immunity testing where indicated.

Resources for Disability, Mental Health and Nutritional Support

ADA Accommodation Requests

Please direct requests for accommodation for a physical or mental disability to Accessibility Resource Center (formerly Disability Support Services) by email at See the ARC website for information at .

Mental Health Services

Questions and concerns about the availability of mental health services at TCNJ can be directed to Dr. Mark Forest, Director of Counseling and Preventive Services. Call 609-771-2247 or contact Dr. Forest by email at Check out the Mental Health Services’ website at


Complimentary nutrition consultations are available to students on a TCNJ meal plan. See