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Pre-Entrance Health Requirements for CCS Students

Congratulations on your acceptance to Career and Community Studies (CCS) and welcome to The College of New Jersey!


* NOTE: This Agreement must be submitted annually by July 15.

(If the Pre-Entrance Health Requirement Packet does not open when you click on the title, you may need to install a pdf reader program on your computer. For a free download of Adobe Reader, click HERE.)

DUE DATE: July 15

CCS students are subject to health requirements as a pre-requisite to attending classes at TCNJ and entering college housing (if applicable).These requirements are mandated by New Jersey state law and The College of New Jersey. Students who have not completed health requirements by the due date will incur registration holds and will not be permitted to enter college housing. Health requirements apply to students living on or off-campus, regardless of how many courses are taken. Students who have a medical contraindication to receiving certain required vaccination can apply (before the due date) for a medical exemption (see Medical Exemption section below).



Students are not required to have any vaccinations that are medically contraindicated based upon valid medical reasons as enumerated by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP). For current ACIP immunization schedules and recommendations, including contraindications, click HERE.

To apply for a medical exemption from a required vaccination, your healthcare provider must complete the REQUEST FOR MEDICAL EXEMPTION FROM MANDATORY IMMUNIZATION form. Then upload the form to OWL by the due date for pre-entrance health requirements. Be sure to complete all other health requirements prior to uploading this form. The information on the form will assist our office in determining the validity of the exemption and whether it should be accepted or rejected. Supporting medical documentation may be requested by our office and/or by local or state public health authorities. Laboratory test reports showing immunity to measles, mumps, rubella and varicella are acceptable in place of vaccination.

Requests for medical exemption from mandatory immunizations are reviewed by the Director of Student Health Services, or designee.The student requesting the exemption will receive an email sent to their TCNJ email address informing them of the status of their request. If approved, the student will be exempted from the specific immunization permanently (in the case of a permanent medical condition) or temporarily until such time that the student’s medical condition permits vaccination. In the case of an approved exemption to measles, mumps, or varicella, students will be required to have immunity testing done if one valid dose of the vaccine was received and the exemption is applying to the second dose.

The College of New Jersey may temporarily exclude a student with a medical exemption from vaccination from classes and from participating in college-sponsored activities during a vaccine-preventable disease outbreak or threatened outbreak. The decision to exclude a student with a medical exemption will be made by the College in consultation with the New Jersey Commissioner of Health.