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Release of Health Information

Student Health Services at The College of New Jersey is committed to upholding the highest standards regarding the confidentiality of health records. Student Health Services retains medical records for 10 years after a student leaves The College of New Jersey. Our office maintains records of required immunizations submitted by students from 1990 to the current date.

Requesting Immunization Records and TB Test Records: The majority of record requests we receive are for Immunizations and TB tests. Students who entered TCNJ on or after January 2008 can obtain these records on the portal, OWL, at . After logging in, go to the Immunizations – View History section and click the Print button. If you entered TCNJ before January 2008, please follow the instructions below for Requesting Other Medical Records.

Requesting Other Medical Records: Print out the Authorization for Release of Health Information, complete the form and fax or email it to our office. Be very specific about what you want released. Sign (handwritten) and date the form to avoid delays in processing your request. Note that this request is specific to Student Health Services and therefore will not contain records you may have in Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS), Alcohol and Drug Education Program, Anti-Violence Initiatives, Athletics or any other office on campus (see below for more information). Allow 7 business days for retrieval of records from off-campus storage and processing of request. If picking up your records in-person, bring your Driver’s License with photo ID so that we can verify your identity.


Immunization Record Free
TB Test Record Free
All other medical records $10.00 for 1-10 pages
$1.00 for each additional page after 10 pages
We will call or email you with the total cost after your record is retrieved. Payment must be made before records are sent.

We accept payment by personal check, cash, Visa, MasterCard or Discover.

The Authorization for Release of Health Information cannot be used to release health information relating to future medical care nor can it be used to release medical records from an entity other than TCNJ Student Health Services. Current Student Health Services’ patients may only use this form to request copies of PAST medical or immunization records.

Should a patient 18 years of age and older wish to release specific medical information to a third party such as a parent or family member, they should inform their Student Health Services’ health care provider during or immediately after their visit. As each visit is treated individually, the patient must inform their health care provider of their wishes at each visit.


Need your health information records from another office on campus? Click HERE for the TCNJ Office Directory.