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Medical Excuse Notes

Student Health Services believes that the main focus of our services is to teach students responsible health behaviors, to help provide treatment and symptom relief of their illnesses and injuries, and to teach health measures to prevent contagion to others so that students’ absence from class is minimal, if at all.

Since most of the illnesses and injuries seen in Health Services are of an acute episodic and usually minor nature, we allow students to make their own decisions regarding feeling well enough to attend class and in communicating this decision to their professor(s).  This is part of our effort to encourage students to learn responsible health behaviors. Certain illnesses, such as colds and flu, are best treated with appropriate self-care measures and do not necessitate a visit to the health care professional.   Therefore, written excuses for missed classes are NOT provided by Health Services.

If a student’s instructor insists on having the student verify an illness AND the student was seen in Student Health Services for the illness, the front desk secretary can provide written verification of the time and date of the visit to the student upon request.

Students should NOT schedule an appointment to be seen in Student Health Services to “document” an illness because they have missed or are missing a class or assignment, or to request a note. Appointments in Student Health Services are in high demand during the semester and are reserved for students who need to be seen.

When complicated and intense illnesses require home care and prolonged school absences of one week or more, notify the Office of Records & Registration in addition to your professors.

Any questions about this policy should be directed via e-mail to or by contacting Student Health Services at 609-771-2889.