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Pre-Entrance Health Requirements for Undergraduate Students

Incoming Freshman and Transfer Students

Roscoe and Student Health Services welcomes you to TCNJ!

Individuals enrolled in TCNJ classes including those who commute to campus and those who attend classes at off-site facilities are required to complete certain health requirements as a pre-requisite to enrollment in classes and entry into college housing.  The only individuals exempt from health requirements are (1) non-matriculated students taking less than 4 units/semester (part-time status) and who do not live in college housing, (2) students who never congregate on-campus or in an an off-campus facility, such as those enrolled in programs for individualized home study or conducted entirely via electronic media, and (3) students who are exclusively taking classes outside the State of New Jersey.  At such point that you no longer meet the exempt criteria, you become subject to health requirements.  This typically happens when a non-matriculated student taking less than than 3 units per semester is formally accepted into a degree or certificate program at TCNJ. 


Fall entering July 15*
Summer entering May 15*
EOF Summer entering June 1*
Spring entering January 15*
* PLEASE NOTE:  If you are applying for college housing, you must clear your housing health hold by completing pre-entrance health requirements. The housing health hold does NOT prevent you from applying for college housing or being assigned a space but it will prevent you from signing the housing contract and/or moving in. It is important that you get started right away on health requirements and submit them as soon as you can to avoid delays.  

 Required Health Forms

All forms listed below except the New Student Medical History are pdf files that can be viewed & printed out (but not filled out online). If you click on the form and it does not open, you may not have a pdf reader program installed on your computer.  For free download of Adobe Reader, click HERE

Student Health Services is committed to protecting the privacy & confidentiality of all patient health information.

Record of Immunization (pdf)  This is a form that you print out and is completed, signed & stamped by your health care provider or a registered nurse. You must receive any required vaccinations that you are missing. 
Emailed, faxed, or mailed forms will NOT be accepted.
ENTER DATES & UPLOAD FORM INTO OWL, the Online Wellness Link:
Log into OWL at using your PAWS username and password.  If you do not know your PAWS username and/or password, click HERE.
1) With your completed Record of Immunization in front of you, click on Immunization, then on Enter Dates. Enter the dates and then click Submit.  Dates of vaccination must be entered before uploading your forms or your forms will NOT be reviewed.  2) Click on Upload at the top of the page and follow the directions to upload the Record of Immunization into OWL. You can also upload other related forms such as laboratory reports.  Your immunization dates will be verified by our staff once we receive the Record of Immunization & an email will be sent to your TCNJ email account. Please check this email account frequently! For a Step-By-Step Guide with screen shots inside OWL, click HERE (pdf).
New Student Medical History This is a confidential form about your personal & family medical history. It is important that you answer these questions truthfully and to the best of your ability.  This information is only seen by Student Health Services’ physician, nurse practitioners, and nurses. THIS FORM IS ONLINE.
Log into OWL at using your PAWS username and password.  Click on Forms at the top of the page and then on New Student Medical History.
–When answering the Tuberculosis (TB) Screening Questionnaire section, OPEN & VIEW Countries With Moderate to High TB Incidence Rates (pdf) to answer the 3rd and 4th questions in this section.
–To answer the Meningococcal Disease & Vaccination question, OPEN & READ the Meningococcal Meningitis Fact Sheet (pdf).
When the form is complete, click SUBMIT.  
Physician’s Evaluation for Tuberculosis (pdf) This form is required ONLY if you answered YES to one or more questions on the Tuberculosis (TB) Screening Questionnaire in the New Student Medical History. Print out the form and take it to your healthcare provider to be completed, signed and stamped.   If you answered NO to all questions on the TB Screening Questionnaire, do not print out this form.
Emailed, faxed, or mailed forms will NOT be accepted.
Once the form is complete, log into OWL using your PAWS username and password. Click on Upload at the top of the page and follow the directions to upload the Physician’s Evaluation for Tuberculosis.  You can also upload other related forms such as laboratory reports & chest x-ray report if indicated.  
Authorization to Treat a Minor(pdf) ONLY for students who will not be 18 years of age when they arrive on campus. Print out the form and have your parent or legal guardian sign the form.
Emailed, faxed, or mailed forms will NOT be accepted.
Once the form is complete, log into OWL using your PAWS username and password. Click on Upload at the top of the page and follow the directions to upload the Authorization to Treat a Minor. 

Some students find that they are missing one or more of the immunizations required to attend TCNJ.  Vaccinations can be obtained from several providers in your community including your doctor, urgent care center, walk-in medical clinic, or pharmacist.  Immunizations are also available in our office. Interested students can call 609-771-2889. Students who are completing vaccination series such as Hepatitis B where spacing between doses is necessary can obtain an extension from our office past the due date and into the semester if needed.


Students are not required to have any vaccinations that are medically contraindicated.  To apply for a medical exemption, the student must provide Student Health Services with a letter from their healthcare provider with the information: 

  • the name of the vaccine that is medically contraindicated,
  • the specific period of time that the vaccine is medically contraindicated,
  • the reason(s) for the medical contraindication based upon valid medical reasons as enumerated by the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP). For current ACIP immunization schedules and recommendations, including contraindications, click HERE.

Applications for medical exemptions are reviewed by the director of Student Health Services and the student will be notified of her decision via TCNJ email. If approved, the student will be exempted from the specific immunization permanently (in the case of a permanent medical condition) or temporarily until such time that the student’s medical condition permits vaccination.

The College of New Jersey may temporarily exclude a student with a medical exemption from vaccination from classes and from participating in college-sponsored activities during a vaccine-preventable disease outbreak or threatened outbreak. The decision to exclude a student with a medical exemption will be made by the College in consultation with the New Jersey Commissioner of Health.



Please direct requests for accommodation for a physical or mental disability to Disability Support Services.  See the DSS website for information at .


Questions and concerns about the availability of mental health services at TCNJ can be directed to Dr. Mark Forest, Director of Counseling & Psychological Services.  Call 609-771-2247 or contact Dr. Forest by email at .